Web Based POS Features

New in Version 1.1

Yelp Report

Yelp Integration

Now you can see how all of your stores are performing on Yelp - all summarized in one report. You can also view the latest information from one of your stores on Yelp from within the Home screen.

Facebook Dashboard Gadget

Facebook Integration

See your page "Likes", yesterday's page views, weekly impressions, viewer engagement, latest posts, comments and more - all from the Home screen. View a single report that delivers a summary for all of the Facebook pages that are linked to stores you manage.

Point of Sale Email Receipt with ShareThis

Email Receipts with ShareThis

We provide you with a Green solution by allowing you to email receipts to your customers. This allows your customers to take some of the marketing work into their own hands. Customers now have the ability to share their favorite purchased items with their friends and family from within the digital receipt, using ShareThis.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to reward your customers and keep them coming back. Now you can reward your customers with credit points that they can use in the future at any of your locations using SpotSync Checkout.

POS Closed Loop Gift Cards

Gift Cards (Private Label)

Consumers love gift cards - they are the number one preferred present by women in the United States and number three for men! These cards offer a way to receive a personalized gift without the hassle of taking items back for an exchange. The benefits of offering gift cards are overwhelming - your customers will thank you for offering them!

We've built our own closed loop (often referred to as "Private Label") gift card system into SpotSync Checkout so you don't have to worry about card decay and bank fees.

Point of Sale Sales Rep Commissions Report

Sales Rep Commissions

Assign one or more of your sales reps to any of the items listed on an invoice.

View a detailed report containing your sales reps, number of items sold, commission rates and commissions earned. Commissions are determined by how the store splits commissions and the commission rate that each sales rep earns.

Point of Sale Employee Timesheet Report POS Employee Clock-in/Clock-out

Employee Timesheet

Tracking and managing the hours of your employees is simple and intuitive. Now employees can clock-in and clock-out by using a button on the their Home screen.

Enable employee clock-in/clock-out and set employee hourly rates per user.

View a detailed report containing the employee name, time in (adjustable), time out (adjustable), net hours, hourly rate and estimated total pay.

Encrypted Debit/Credit Card Reader MagTek IPAD

Encrypted Debit/Credit Card Reader MagTek IPAD (PCI 2.x Compliant)

Prevent personal cardholder data breaches without compromising the speed and convenience of your cardholders’ IPAD financial transactions. The most comprehensive, end-to-end security solution available, IPAD immediately encrypts data at the point of swipe so personal information is always safe.

Point of Sale Inventory Item Actions

Item Actions

Item actions allow you to trigger actions when an item is added or removed from the invoice. For example, if you wanted to create an Open Item, you could do so by selecting "Ask for Price" under Item Actions. You could also receive more information on the same item by “Asking for Quantity” as well.

Point of Sale Retail Quick Search

Quick Search

The new Quick Search feature allows you to quickly find items by name, UPC, SKU and EAN, as well as viewing quantities on hand and on order. You can also quickly locate customers by name or phone.

POS Software Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Now you can navigate and do almost every action through your keyboard. Toggle keyboard shortcuts helpers by pressing [ALT].

Version 1.0

Point of Sale Retail Interface

Retail Interface

In addition to the quick service interface we designed a retail interface that is better suited for retail stores.

Now users can see pictures of the items being added to the invoice, as well as additional item information. This feature helps eliminate theft since bar codes can no longer be switched.

Point of Sale Review Purchase Order

Intelligent Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can be faxed inside of SpotSync Checkout to their appropriate vendors, eliminating the need to print and manually fax the purchase order. This reduces paper waste and saves you money since it eliminates the need for a fax machine and fax line. It also reduces the number of steps necessary to send a fax to one simple click of a button.

You now have the ability to generate purchase orders by Item, which reduces the time spent manually locating each Item by Vendor. Alternatively, you can create a purchase order by a Vendor.

You can also generate purchase orders by current inventory reorder levels. If an item is below the reorder level, then a purchase order will be automatically generated.

In addition, you have the ability to email and print purchase orders from inside SpotSync Checkout.

POS Software Close Day Counts Point of Sale Close Day Cashier Report

Close Day

Close the day by store, register and cashier.

View a detailed report containing the beginning of day cash in drawer, tendered totals broken down by tender types, sales totals, statistics, and more.

Point of Sale Quick Service Inventory Item Modifiers

Item Modifiers

Item modifiers can be easily set up by category, reducing the need to create modifiers for each individual item.

Different prices and quantities for each item modifier will automatically update in the invoice.

Users can now define their own descriptors (such as EXTRA, DOUBLE, NO, etc.) Descriptors are used in conjunction with modifiers.

Retail Inventory Item Kits

Item Kits

Kits are the different combinations of items that can be sold together optionally at one price per kit.

Retail Returns Screen

Process Returns

Cashiers can now process Returns at the register by scanning the barcode on the receipt, or going into the Return mode and adding the items to the invoice.

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