Point of Sale in the Cloud

The entire application is less than 3MB, by just browsing to the site, you have cached the entire application and can now run it while offline. Even though SpotSync Checkout is a browser-based application, it still communicates with peripherals. But most important is the push technology. While online, any changes that are made are instantly pushed to the server and broadcast to all connected registers that are a within the same account. Any registers that were offline will automatically be synced when re-connected to the internet.

Data Backup

Never worry about losing your data ever again. All of the data that your locations generate are pushed up to what we refer to as the “cloud”. We call it the cloud because it’s not just a collection of database servers that keep a copy of your data. It’s more like a collection of replicated living databases that are backed up, cleaned, indexed for better performance and then backed up again. And if this isn’t enough, we provide you with an optional small utility app that can be installed which creates a nightly backup of your local database.


Security is critical, especially when sensitive data is added to the equation. That is why we encrypt all of our passwords and all data that is passed to and from the client uses SSL 256-bit encryption. We also have in place numerous other security measures to make sure that your important data is always safe with us.

VISA, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX), Discover, Debit, Gift Cards....

Accepting credit cards, debit cards and gift cards is as easy as swiping a card while in the Tender screen. SpotSync Checkout has partnered with Mercury Payment Systems to provide you with a quick, efficient and reliable service. We support pre authorization, partial authorization, voids, returns and more.

PCI Compliance

SpotSync Checkout takes advantage of Mercury's E2E™ (end-to-end encryption) so we can eliminate the PCI protection requirements. Some of today’s most malicious software is designed to steal credit card data from peripherals, such as magnetic card readers and keyboards. By instantly encrypting swiped or manually keyed card data, information that is skimmed by malware is rendered useless because it can only be decrypted by Mercury. E2E helps merchants achieve PCI compliance since encrypted data is not considered card data, and SpotSync Checkout never stores, processes or transmits cardholder data. The merchant’s liability to protect transaction data inside their network is thereby reduced.

Works Online & Offline

SpotSync Checkout is a web-based application that continues to work while offline. SpotSync Checkout may seem like your typical web application; however, all of your data is actually being stored locally. Changes that you make inside of the system are being pushed up to the cloud and then sent back down to other registers in real-time. Because each client has their own copy of the database, there is no single point of failure.

Green Solution – Paper-free Alternative

Saving money is important to everyone. SpotSync Checkout enables you to save money and the environment by eliminating unnecessary paper waste. SpotSync Checkout provides you with a Green solution - every time you print something, you will be presented with a paper-free alternative, such as emailing, sharing, or exporting.

Computers & Tablets

SpotSync Checkout was built utilizing HTML5 technologies, which means that the same application can be run on all operating systems using Google Chrome or Apple Safari. This includes Apple iOS and Android based tablets. Phone support is soon to come!

New Features

Best of all, SpotSync Checkout allows you to use the latest features, without the hassle of maintenance and upgrades, for a small monthly subscription.

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