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License (one time payment) Purchase a license with a one time upfront payment and no monthly fees. Every license includes online cloud storage so you never have to worry about back office servers or data backups.
Subscription Plans Our subscription plans offer a quick way to get your business up and running with no large upfront costs and no long-term commitments.
Eco Basic Pro
one time fee per license
one time fee per license
one time fee per license
100 Products 1,000 Products 50,000 Products
1,000 Customers 5,000 Customers 50,000 Customers
10 Users 50 Users 1,000 Users
3 Stores 10 Stores 100 Stores
Community Support Ticket Support Ticket Support
Cloud Storage Cloud Storage Cloud Storage
Call us (949) 793-7371 extension 1
Free Basic Pro
FREE $19
a month per register
a month per register
40 Products 1,000 Products 100,000 Products
500 Customers 2,000 Customers Unlimited Customers
2 Users 20 Users Unlimited Users
1 Store 10 Stores Unlimited Stores
Community Support Ticket Support Superior Support
Cloud Storage Cloud Storage Cloud Storage
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Superior Support

Superior support can be purchased for any of the plans that do not already include it.

  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Online Chat Support
  • Remote Training
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Franchise Solutions

For large multi-store franchises with 20 or more locations and in-house IT, you may prefer our self hosted solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, you can upgrade your license or licenses by calling (949) 793-7371 ext 2. We will charge you difference.
Yes, you can change your license to a subscription plan at any time. We will convert the amount spent on purchasing your license to credit that will be applied to your subscription. The credit amount will be determined by the date on which you first purchased your license.
We offer a Free plan that anyone can take advantage of and use for an unlimited amount of time. We recommend you get acquainted with SpotSync Checkout before purchasing or subscribing. If, for any reason, you want to return SpotSync Checkout and get a full refund, we will honor your request for up to 30 days.
Each license varies. We base the amount of space you get by the number of products, users and stores.
Community support is free support provided by our community of users, as well as from our technical support staff. You can find answers to common questions, help videos and other help-related articles. If you can't find what you’re looking for, you can post your question and get answers from other users and SpotSync support technicians.
Yes, you can downgrade your subscription at any time. To downgrade your account you must meet the requirements for the plan you are trying to downgrade to.

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