Self Hosted Point of Sale

If you have 20 or more locations and your own IT employees on hand, then our Self Hosted solution can be of value to your company and offer great savings. Instead of paying a subscription fee for each register or license, you can buy your own SpotSync Cloud and host it on your own servers, or we can assist with spinning up your own RackSpace servers. With the Self Hosted solution, there are no restrictions since the servers belong to you.

SpotSync Cloud
company license
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Stores
Unlimited Registers
Source Code
company license
Full Access to All of the Source Code
Your Own Private Branch of the Repository
Development Support
On-site or Remote Setup and Getting Started Developing Service
a year
We notify you whenever there are new updates available and provide you with a link to download the new SpotSync Cloud code.
If you purchased a company license to the Source Code, you will have full read access to the master branch at all times. You can merge the master branch with your branch at any time.
a year
24/7 Phone Support
Online Chat Support
Remote Training
Getting Started & Setup

For more information and to purchase your company license, please call (949) 793-7371 extension 1. Ask about our Self Hosted solution.

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